Soirée Suisse at Swiss Embassy Washington DC

delighted to play at the Swiss Embassy's annual mega party in DC! Wednesday September 16

OrchEXtra Gottardo at the MILAN WORLD EXPO 2015

the 4 mountain cantons Uri, Ticino, Grischun and Valais present the OrchEXtra Gottardo on stage of the Padiglione Svizzero at the EXPO in Milan, Italy.

with Eliane Amherd as musical director and wonderful musicians from the cantons above: Corin Curschellas, Nina Dimitri, Iris Moné, Franziska Brücker, Lukas Traxel, Fränggi Gehrig, Ephri Salzmann, Max Pizio, Jonas Imhof, Reiny Schnyder.

Mai 3 - 6, June 5, October 24 - 27

July 2015 - Swiss Miss goes Albania!

Swiss Miss had a blast playing at the city center Park in Fier and at the Swiss Embassy in Tirana! Thank you!
Eliane Amherd - voc, guit, arrangements, Hanna Marchand - sax, voc, perc, Sandra Merk - Bass
Swiss Miss

Asia Tour Fotos

check out Fotos from Eliane's tours through China, Hong Kong, Thailand and Nepal in 2013 and Manila, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur and the World Music Festival in Yangon 2014!

upcoming events
14.Oct.15 - World Expo Milano
24.Oct.15 - World Expo Milano
25.Oct.15 - World Expo Milano
26.Oct.15 - World Expo Milano